The Sharp Law Firm, LLC

At The Sharp Law Firm, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, it is our goal to be the best legal advocates we can be for each one of our clients. We assist clients with criminal law and family law matters because those are the areas we know best. Keeping our practice focused helps ensure our clients have a lawyer who is capable of serving their best interests. We assist clients in Franklin County and throughout the area.

Providing The Strong Legal Representation You Deserve

When attorney Marianne Sharp Bernardo worked in the prosecutor's office, she witnessed firsthand that many individuals did not get the legal representation they deserved. She also noticed how differently prosecutors treat people who do not have a lawyer on their side. Determined to change that for some people, she opened her own practice.

Today, we focus on providing the best representation we can to each one of our clients — no matter what his or her background or income is. We know that this is likely a challenging time in your life, and it is our goal to help you find a favorable resolution. Trust is an important aspect of the attorney-client relationship. From the first time we meet or speak on the phone, we will take the time to get to know you and your goals, so we can move forward with your case in a way you are comfortable with.

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Transparent Billing System

Some people have bad experiences with attorney fees. Here, we will never send you a bill without explaining it. We provide itemized billing to all our clients, so you will always know exactly what we are charging you for. We also offer payment plans to accommodate your budget.

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We offer free initial consultations over the phone or in person. To schedule yours, please call 614-429-4468, or contact us online. We are flexible about when and where we meet.