We Help College Students When Student Legal Services Can't

College is a time of exploration, trying new things and learning about what it means to be an adult. For some, this can mean trying drugs, such as marijuana, for the first time. Though it may not seem like a big deal, a college student could easily find themselves facing felony charges simply because of the amount of marijuana or other controlled substance in their possession.

It only makes matters worse when students realize that the student legal services they rely on to help with misdemeanor drugs crimes cannot help if charges escalate to the felony level.

The Sharp Law Firm, LLC, located in Columbus, Ohio, is there for college students who are facing felony drug charges. We've handled numerous college criminal offense cases over the years and have extensive experience securing favorable verdicts in a wide variety of drug crime cases.

We know what's at stake if you don't seek experienced and skilled legal counsel as soon as possible. Don't take the "wait and see" approach to your future. Fight back against serious drug charges with help from our firm.

When Does A Misdemeanor Drug Charge Become A Felony?

While some drug offenses constitute misdemeanor offenses, Ohio's drug schedule places different limits on the amount of drugs that may be in your possession before a misdemeanor becomes a felony. Additionally, Ohio law defines a controlled substance differently than other states. Under state laws, a controlled substance is any drug, mixture, compound, or prepared substance that is included in Schedules I-V.

Why You Need Skilled Representation Now

For college students, felony drug charges create a challenging situation as they may be unaware of the full scope of the law, their rights or even to what extent of punishment they could face. At The Sharp Law Firm, LLC, we get to work quickly defending our clients because we know what's at stake: their future. Additionally, we're there for college students — protecting their rights and best interests — when student legal services can't.

We will use every tool at our disposal to fully investigate the drug charges against you. If police misconduct was a factor or your rights were violated, we will use this information to seek the dismissal of your case. If this wasn't the case, we will seek the outcome that will have the smallest impact on your life.

Get Strong Legal Counsel Today

Don't play the "wait and see" game with prosecutors. They aren't looking out for your best interests like our lawyer is. If you'd like to meet with attorney Marianne Sharp Bernardo to discuss your case and options during a free initial consultation, contact our Columbus office by calling 614-429-4468. You may also send us a message online if it's more convenient for you.