We Take The Confusion Out Of The Adoption Process

The joyful decision to bring a child into your home through the adoption process can quickly turn to anxiety when some expecting parents realize just how legally complex the process can be. Additionally, adoption isn't just reserved for young couples looking to grow their families. Adoption may be necessary in other, more painful situations too, making it an incredibly challenging part of family law.

If you're interested in following through on an adoption, but need guidance from a trusted family lawyer, turn to The Sharp Law Firm, LLC, in Columbus. Attorney Marianne Sharp Bernardo has considerable experience handling all the legal aspects of an adoption in Ohio.

Though we don't facilitate the adoption process, we can help you through the process of filing the right documents at the right time, as well as prepare you for in-home visits.

Helping Stepparents And Grandparents With Private Adoptions

Many of the adoption cases we handle at The Sharp Law Firm, LLC, concern stepparents and grandparents.

In cases of stepparent adoptions, we handle all of the legal paperwork, including termination of one parent's parental rights so that the stepparent may become a child's legal parent. In cases of grandparents, we can help grandparents gain custody of their grandchildren when violence and abuse are a factor, a process that can result in adoption if parental rights are terminated.

It's important for stepparents and grandparents to know the timeframe in which they can file a Petition for Adoption, and attorney Marianne Sharp Bernardo can help answer any questions.

We Handle Adoptions Due To Extenuating Circumstances

As you may not realize, the need to follow through on the adoption process doesn't just happen after remarriage or in cases of abuse or neglect. Other instances can include widow cases in which one parent dies and the surviving parent remarries, and termination of parental rights for failure to pay support.

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Whatever your reasons to adopt, our lawyer can help you through the legal process to make your home a forever home. If you're interested in discussing your case first with Ms. Sharp Bernardo, contact our office in Columbus. Simply call 614-429-4468 or send us a message online to schedule a free initial consultation.